As we get into November we are in a transition period of late summer and the start of winter clocks going forward .  You must without exception take the cautious approach when maintaining a pool .

Firstly the temperatures in November are still in the mid 20`s , warm during the day and cooler at night . This is the prime time for any lingering algae to raise its head if you do not maintain your sanitation levels correctly .  Secondly , you need to perform the final tests for Cyanuric acid and Calcium Hardness before the water gets too cold.  Why !  This will give you the exact amount of water you need to reduce the levels over the winter period and how much ” drop and top” you need to perform . Remember the only way you can get rid of Cyanuric acid is via dilution , the benefit of this is you also reduce both the calcium hardness and the TDS ( total dissolved solids ) at the same time .

  • Cyanuric Acid Levels     30-50 ppm              
  • Calcium Hardness       200 – 400 ppm
  • TDS        1500ppm over starting point
  • Chlorine levels               2 – 4 ppm
  • PH level                          7.4 – 7.6 ppm
  • Alkalinity                        80  –  120 ppm

Remember people enjoy swimming anytime

November is also a time you can start to reduce your pool pump running times , but only if it is not in use . If you or family are using the pool keep to the required filtration cycle , just because its cooler it does not mean bacteria does not exist .

If you require further information or how to adopt the ” Drop and Top ” method please call 26 623342 or mail