About Us

The Pool People are a growing group of highly trained and motivated professional pool maintenance engineers; each of whom, has at the very least, completed  and passed the NSPF® (National Swimming Pool Foundation), Certified Pool and Spa Operator (C.P.O®) course. 

This course is an in-depth training course not only about pool cleaning but also management, maintenance, testing, inspection, operation, health and safety.

Each C.P.O® operator is trained to maintain installations from a hot tub spa to a full size water park and is competent in the basic first aid procedures. We also have at present 1 fully qualified inspection engineer capable of advising on any type of pool installation from design and build to a basic health check on your facility. We have two full time qualified instructors who will either put together a general pool training course or tailor make a course for individual companies, authorities or groups of people,  please contact for details.

All our C.P.O® operators are fully registered, experienced and insured, giving all our clients peace of mind  and guarantees that all jobs are completed to the very highest standard.

Our Mission Statement
Our mission statement is simple: To ensure that all of our pools are clean pools, healthy pools and safe pools.

Our Focus
We have at the top of our priority, health and safety for swimming pools and the people using them.  You will see from our website, that all our information relates to health and safety focusing primarily on prevention of disease from swimming pool water and all our operators are trained to  fully understand the individual requirements of each and every installation

There is a fine line between law and liability and in an increasing age of compensation claims, it is our intention to work with all our owners to ensure their individual facilities exceed the standards required and meet highly with the users expectations , thus negating any chance of any real reasons for any complaints and potential compensation claim eg water cleanliness is chartered and kept for anyone to check.

Our Commitment
We continue to work closely with health departments, chemical suppliers and industry leaders to raise health and safety standards among pools. We will continue our training and are committed to staying fully focused on  developing quality and cleanliness of pool water and exploring new ways of maintaining health and safety. You can be assured that  all our C.P.O® operators have the same mentality and practice all of the operational procedures documented within this website and we  can assure you that we are always available 24/7.

Our Team
The team we work with, regularly share experiences and work together to raise the standards across Cyprus; don’t settle for anyone less than one of The Pool People!