Salt Water Chlorinators

SALT WATER CHLORINATORS – Why they are so very good to install and use!

The key thing about the products we recommend, is that we test them ourselves before advising customers to use them. Product information is great but it’s also good to talk to people who are using the items you are interested in, before going ahead.

As salt water chlorinators are becoming more known, more economical to fit and more reliable with the addition of micro-computer technology plus an easier to use design, we tested them for a year then are actively installing and promoting their use.

The key benefits of a salt water chlorinator system are:

  • The water is kinder to the skin. It ‘feels’ softer, smells better and is a joy to swim in!
  • Kinder to health ie using less chlorine and a different chemical balance usage to enhance the chlorination, the water is more ‘gentle’.
  • Better for the health of pool liners ie the less aggressive use of chemicals, is kinder to the liners and thus less likely to ‘affect’ the pool liner or border, as quickly as general pool chemicalisation can.

The Salt Water Chlorinators we recommend are:

  • Simple to use
  • Simple to operate
  • Simple to install
  • Simple to maintain
  • Perfect for small to medium size pools (though we can help with information about larger pool systems too!)

Please note:

It is still important to ensure your pool is cleaned minimum twice weekly and chemical balances are correct. Use of salt simply means that the chemical usage is slightly different to that in a non salt chlorinated pool – but our trained pool operatives will be happy to help you clean your salt chlorinated pool.!

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