Green Pool Issues

Green Pool to clean Pool  Info

We are constantly being asked for solutions to clear pools that have gone green.  There are many ways to perform this action dependant on the various shade of green your pool has turned.  The question we all have to ask is why has it got into this state in the first place!

You have to remember Algae is a plant and needs food to survive. Poor chemical balance, bather waste, phosphates and garden foliage will all feed and allow the algae to grow. Many people suggest “shocking” the pool with a disinfection will kill the issue . The main thing we have to consider is not killing it, but not allowing the pool to get into a condition that will allow algae to grow.  You always have to remember that your pool can turn from clear to green within 24 hrs if you promote the wrong / right conditions for it to survive and prosper.

If you have a very light shade of green / yellow tinge then this is the first stages of algae formation and will more than likely be down to either water imbalance, dirty pool or an issue with circulation.  We tend to find people do not run their circulation system for long enough periods and a general increase in running period will alleviate the issue. In this instance a quick  “shock” may do the job, but this is only a temporary solution to the underlying issue which must be resolved to stop a reoccurrence.

Always check
A. Your water balance.  B. make sure your pool is clean. C. check your circulation system

The ideal solution for any green pool is to treat the water first bring it into as balanced a condition as possible then empty the water, clean with an acid based solution and re-fill with fresh water.  This for obvious reasons in water shortage areas is not an option so we have designed a programme that has worked for us over the past 3 years. This programme is not written in stone and can vary from pool to pool but is a very good guide.  The key we have found is to kill the algae methodically and slowly. clearing the system at the same time. If you kill everything then you have a better chance of the issue not returning.

If you click on the PDF below you will access the programme. Good luck.