Keeping Liners and Borders Clean

Important Information on Pool Liners and Borders

POOL CLEANING should be undertaken by a suitably qualified pool cleaning operative. (Ask to see their qualifications and ensure they are VAT registered, which protects you).

POOL CLEANING should be carried out minimum 2 times per week, 52 weeks per year. Whilst the pool may not be used during the winter, this is the key time to balance and protect the water and get it ready for the heavy summer use.

PLEASE don’t buy pool cleaning only on price: qualified pool cleaners offer competitive pricing AND professional qualifications. We are happy to quote you happy on your pool cleaning too!

POOL CLEANING RECORDS should be kept every visit and available to you at any stage. Vital in the case of a claim eg for ear infection or similar

LIABILITY: is yours as the owner of the pool . EN Regulations ESN 15288-2.

CHLORINE: isn’t the only chemical necessary to clean a pool. We check for many.


  • Total Chlorine; PH; Alkinity; Calcium Hardness; Cynuric Acid plus observations of the general area of the pool

CLEANING A SWIMMING POOL BORDER /TOP LINE should ideally be undertaken daily, with the correct chemical and gently. If you only have a couple of visits by your pool cleaner each week, try to clean between the visits. Suntan lotions and debris, attachs daily to the pool. Ensure that:

  • Swimmers shower before using the pool
  • The pool chemical balance is correct
  • That the wrong chemicals aren’t being used to clean the border/top line eg bleach is an absolute No/no
  • That rubbing the border or top line is done gently and carefully, no scrubbing

If in doubt, email to us on

Other Tips:

If you see any problems, ask the pool manager to address them.

1: Look at the pool water. Is it clean and clear? Can you see the bottom drain?

Test Kit2: Test the water for proper chlorine and pH with test strips found at any swimming pool supply or home improvement store.

Dip the test strip in the water, following the directions on the package. Watch the color change and match it to the color chart that shows the proper colors for the pH of the water and what the disinfectant residual should be.

All main drain covers must comply to the VGB Act. Compliant covers have either a domed shape or are large grates. If a cover is damaged or missing do not get in the water and alert the facility manager. Teach your children to not play with or near drain covers.

Drain Covers

4: Ask if the facility has a person on staff that is certified in pool operation. Certification shows someone has gone through training to maintain and operate the pool.

Here is an example of a certificate:

5: Supervise your children. Don’t assume a guard or others are watching your child. Always keep your child within an arm’s length from you when in the water. Enroll children and adults in swim lessons as a life-long safety skill.

6: Use sunscreen to protect from sunburn and reapply sunscreen after swimming.

Pool Cleaning Tips:

Check out our FAQ for more information.