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ELBEBlue-logo-nogermanyElbe Blue Line (Elbtal Plastics) and The Pool People Ltd.

A partnership where pool liner passion and professionalism is key!

The Pool People are honoured to be a distributor and installations specialist, for the superb Elbe Blue Line range of pool liners. We’ve enjoyed a strong , professional relationship with the team at Elbtal for a number of years now, working with them to eg send our installation team to Germany to learn from their experts – and inviting them to our offices in Peyia, so share their research and experience.

We are the only company in the area who import, install and guarantee their liners – thanks to working so closely with Elbtal.

Elbe Blue Liners:

The products supplied are:

  • Free from heavy metals such as cadium and lead – and certified to EN71-3 (European Toy Safety Standard)
  • Produced from the finest raw materials and meet all requirements of an eco friendly process
  • Safely certified – in fact, Elbtal are the guarantor of water tightness of liners and membranes for 10 years, in public and private swimming pool facilities.

Pool Liners: Product choice and professional installation.

Whilst people choose a pool liner for many reasons from cosmetic to practical, as a distress purchase or an aesthetic dream, it’s best to choose a pool liner which is guaranteed for water tightness; eco friendly and quality assured – but choose the best pool liner installation team too! At The Pool People Ltd, we employ our own team , to give you peace of mind.

Caring for pool liners and borders:

In the same way that car seats or clothing, fade or get colour damaged by use of eg sunscreens/chemicals or sheer use, a pool liner can do the same. The key is to ensure people shower before using the pool – and that the pool chemical balance is kept correctly at all times, with any residue of chemical being removed, daily where possible.

Elite Superior Pools

ELBETAL RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT: Stain Resistant Products

Whilst the Elbe Blue Line pool liners are guaranteed for 10 years water tightness, Elbtal undergo ongoing research into how to also prevent colour fade – looking at the liners now from a cosmetic bias rather than watertightness. Not an easy balance to achieve but they’ve made huge steps forward in this area and have recently announced the Elite range of pool liners and Ultimate borders. With a selection of colour choices, these new products also have the addition of a 5 year stain resistant warranty!


We understand that the investment in a new pool liner border (we don’t recommend anything less than liner quality on a border), is expensive when there is a chance that the pool liner may need to be replaced within a year or so anyway and are happy to talk to you about how to best approach this for your individual pool.


Please do ask as many questions as you need to before purchase. You need to consider many things including:

  • Guarantee of the product and the installation quarantee
  • Thickness of the liner and benefits of the same
  • Choice of colours versus stain resistance guarantee
  • Professionalism of the installers and longevity of their business/legality of their operation
  • Option to view previous work and talk to pool liner customers
  • Whether a pool liner border would be preferable to having a full pool liner – and is this possible

15 year guarantee… In brief, talk to The Pool People Ltd for professional, expert advice on pool liners and borders, backed by a trusted German company with over 50 years experience in the field.

Pool liners- it’s your investment – so invest in the best suppliers/installation company.

Read about our warranty here.

(For further details about Elbtal and Elbe Blue Line products, log onto www.elbtal-plastics.de)